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Nebula Machina

Inspired by the instruments of classical symphonic orchestra (strings, woodwinds, brasswinds, percussions) the trio develop a language in which the sound produced by the musicians is used to construct new timbres through exploration of brutish and the use of extended techniques. The purpose is to create a new instrument (the Nebula Machina) played by the trio where the roles of the musicians are interchangeable. The Nebula Machina attempts to create an evolutive sound matter evocating for the audience different frames of mind in particular those induced by the nature (water, wind, air).

Leïla Soldevila: double bass

Double bassist, composer, music arranger, Leïla Soldevila is currently involved in numerous musical projects in styles as varied as jazz and improvised musics (Loïs Levan Sextet producted by Laurent Carrier of Colore Production, IQ4tet, Simulacre, Tréma Quartet), Kurdish music (Nishtiman), Eastern music (Brin'Tzig, Bazaarium), Russian music (Baïkal Quartet), French chanson (Djazz'elles), pop music (Half Seas Over producted by Gilles Peterson Worldwide), Tango, classical music. She participates in numerous concerts with all her groups and tours in France and abroad (mainly in Morocco, Canada, Iran, Ivory Coast, Europe). Leïla Soldevila has played the piano since she was 6 years-old and the bass since she was 18. While pursuing scientific studies, she studied at the CNR of Lyon with J. Regard in jazz and J.M. Verne in classical music. She obtained her Diploma of Musical Studies of classic double bass in 2008. She then continued her studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with H. Van de Geijn and J.P. Everts to get a Bachelor degree in September 2010. Afterwards, she was admitted at the CNSMD of Paris where she worked in particular with R. Del Fra, H. Sellin and F. Theberge, until she obtained her Master’s Degree of "Jazz and Improvised Musics" in June 2013. She is supported by the Mécénat Musical Société Générale for the year 2014. http://www.leilasoldevilarenault.com/

Jérôme Fouquet: trumpet

Born in 1978 in Beauvais city (France), Jérôme Fouquet shares his childhood between the practice of trumpet and bass. He began to study jazz at the Departmental Academy of Jazz of Oise. Then enters in 2002 to the Paris 9th district's conservatory where he studied with Nicolas Folmer, Tony Russo, Pierre Bertrand and Jacques Vidal. Prolific trumpet player evolving as well in jazz, funk or improvised music and insatiable traveler, he collaborates in France and abroad, especially in Japan, with many formations and artists such as Jean Michel Couchet, Didier Malherbe, Jacques Di Donato, Florent Pujuila , Simon Goubert, Boris Blanchet, Morishige Yasumune, Kita Naoki, Matsumoto Kenichi, Ogino Yasuyoshi, Matsumura Takumi, to mention just a few ... In recent years he has performed with his own bands KUMA and the International Supersonic quintet and works regularly with Le Gros Tube brass band, Yoram Rosilio's Anti Rubber Brain Factory, Luise Wolkman's Leone Sauvage, Maxime Perrin's Célestins, Benoît Crauste's Bettersweet and Spacebop Quintet, Julien Catherine's Quintet Sphere. http://www.jeromefouquet.com/

Ugo Boscain: contrabass clarinet

Born in 1968, Ugo Boscain studied classic piano (graduated in 1991 at Conservatorio di Alessandria, Italy), composition (Conservatorio di Torino) and orchestral conducting (Orvieto, corsi di Spazio Musica). At the same time he showed a deep interest in improvised music. 
He studied with Steve Lacy, Mal Waldron, Joelle Leandre, Evan Parker and Johannes Bauer. 
Since the late 80s he is an active pianist improviser. He was co-funder of the group ``Enten Eller'' in Turin (Italy). 
He played with Tristan Hossinger, Joelle Leandre, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Carlo Actis Dato, Giovanni Maier, Claude Parle, Theo Nabicht and many others musicians. 
In the last 10 years he has actively devoted himself to the study of the contrabass clarinet. Nowadays he is one of the few specialists of this very rare instrument.. 
In 2015, he played for the Sonic Genome of Anthony Braxton in Torino. 
He is research director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France). http://www.cmapx.polytechnique.fr/~boscain/music.html

CD Nebula Machina – Vento Nebbie Torrenti Label Hevhetia 2019 / HV0187-2-331


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